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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs

Did you know that Guinea Pigs are one of the few mammals whose bodies don't produce vitamin C on their own?

Your Guinea Pig's diet is very important. Only Guinea Pig specific pellets have enough vitamin C. If you feed your Guinea Pig rabbit pellets, he will get sick and die, as there is not enough vitamin C for your GP, and the rabbit food will create depletion of calcium.

Guinea Pig pellet food should be bought in smaller quantities to insure freshness because the vitamin C breaks down quickly.

Since it's not possible to know exactly how fresh the pellets are, it's always best to supplement the vitamin C in your cavies' diet with fresh fruit and vegetables high in vitamin C, in small amounts, every day.
Fresh oranges, kale, fresh alfalfa hay and green peppers are good examples of fresh vitamin C sources.

You can also get vitamin C drops you can put in the Guinea Pig's water bottle. And you can find other vitamin C treats at your pet store, like orange flavored yogurt drops with vitamin C.

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