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Friday, April 22, 2011

An Angel In Trouble

Angel, a senior Border Collie/Flat-Coated Retriever mix, was surrendered to another shelter because her owner was moving and was not going to take her along. She spent her whole life on a chain outside with little or no human contact. She is 8 - 10 years old and has an old broken or dislocated leg. Being a senior and having an old injury, Angel did not stand a chance of Adoption. So, she was scheduled for euthanasia and even given the first shot to start the process. However, just before she was given the second shot it was discovered she was pregnant and ready to have babies. Angel was placed back in a kennel and allowed to wake up............3 days later she gave birth to 7 healthy babies.

UPDATE: Angel's puppies are now 6 weeks old and they are going to another shelter to be adopted. However, Angel was going to be left behind and stand the same fate as before she had her puppies. We, at Pike County Humane Society couldn't stand by and let her meet that same fate. Our hearts broke for this beautiful "Angel". So, Angel will be coming to our shelter on Saturday, April 23rd. She will get her much needed rest, going to a specialist (Our wonderful Dr. Carlos from Valley Central) for her leg and will be given the love and compassion she so well deserves.

4/26 UPDATE: Angel had her surgery today. She was scheduled to go down today, however, she was in such pain with her leg that I took her yesterday. She was so scared that she hid under the bench of the Doctor's office. Her leg is broken and it is due to a very old injury. Angel suffered for years with a broken leg. Her surgery will be $1200.00 for her spay and to fix her broken leg.

Why do we do this? WE CARE! All of us at Pike County Humane Society believe that no animal should die without knowing human love, kindness and compassion. Whether it is for an hour, a day or a year. Help us help her. We are in desperate need of funds to help with her surgery, spaying and other medical needs. Please find it in your heart and see what we see in this beautiful, senior Mom. She took care of her babies even with a broken leg. Angel will also be up for Adoption. If there is a family who wants to give an "Angel" a home and fulfill her dreams of what it is like to be loved, then come see her this Saturday.

Please, we are begging for help with her medical bill. Our funds are extremely low but we could not let this little girl die. She stayed alive to give her puppies a life, we felt that she deserved to live too. PLEASE find it in your heart to help our "Angel".

Donations can be either mailed to our address at PO Box 255, Milford PA 18337, or sent thru our Paypal Account (using the link above). Please notate on the donation that it is intended for Angel's care.

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  1. Have you been able to raise the $1200? Hope she gets adopted soon.


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